Our first garden

Our first garden

For Easter this year, I got Jayden a gardening kit with a little claw and two shovels.  It also came with pumpkin and watermelon seeds, dirt pellets and start planters.  We planted a couple seeds in the planters so Jayden could see how it worked. He thought it was awesome.  There were still a bunch of seeds leftover and I’m not usually one to let anything go to waste so we dug some holes in the back yard and planted the seeds. Jayden helped me find little sticks to mark where we planted and then bigger sticks to put around the garden patch so they wouldn’t get mowed over. The watermelons never came up and a couple of the pumpkin plants were attacked by a weed eater but there are 5 plants that are still going strong.  Yesterday I noticed one of them had a bloom.

I was so excited.  I can’t wait until Jayden gets back from his dad’s so I can show him how well our garden is doing.  I love being able to share things like this with my little one.  Our first garden is a success!


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