Anna’s High School Graduation

Anna’s High School Graduation

My youngest sister, Anna May, (whom I posted Senior Pictures of previously) graduated from High School May 5, 2013. I am a very proud big sister. She has not only been accepted into college, she has a spot on the cheer squad!!  She received and A+ scholarship from her school which pays for 2 years of community college and she has a scholarship for Cheerleading that is paying for all of her books.

 Here’s her walking down the ramp, diploma in hand, after a lovely, unique, and yes actually funny Validictorian speech.  After, family members attended a reception at a nearby church. This was my gift to her:

She received many generous gifts. After, there was another gathering at our father’s farm. Our Uncle Glenn, cousin Stephanie, and our brother Nephi flew in from California.  It was good to visit with them. I only got one picture of the event, it’s poor because we are dancing in the black light. We raided the Dollar General for glow sticks. 
We all crashed out in Dad’s tiny living room on air mattress’s.  I’m extremely proud of you, Anna. You have made some great choices. I love you. ❤

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