Fleece Scrap Rice bag

Fleece Scrap Rice bag

I just love rice bags. They are a great alternative to heating pads. Actually, everyone in my family loves rice bags. Unfortunately, we only have couple so we have to share between four family members. This winter, my son used my big rice bag to sleep with, it kept him nice and cozy when the puppy didn’t want to sleep with him. It definitely experienced some tough love this winter and it shows. He kept waking up with rice in his bed. I tried to repair it yet I never seemed to be able to find every hole so I finally just retired it, promising to make him another as soon as I got the sewing machine running. My poor old sewing machine which belonged to my mother and my sister before it came to me. It needs a new belt, bulb, feeder foot and bobbin holder. Finding parts for this old machine has proved difficult so unfortunately I have been unable to get it running so no new rice bags yet.
I’m sure you’ve heard of Jamberry, I love the wraps but I have a difficult time getting them to adhere correctly. A consultant shared with me a video on cold application that would solve part if not all of my problem. In the video, instead of heating the wraps before you put them on your nails, you skip heating and put them straight on your nail. This allows for repositioning of the nails, which is awesome for getting them on straight. After she decided on the position of the wraps, she heated a small rice bag and used it for heating the wraps.

My dad’s girlfriend makes fleece blankets for the grandchildren every year. The kids love the blankets, they are so soft and fuzzy! I’ve convinced her to save the scraps from these projects for me so I have quite a stack of fleece squares that I haven’t found a use for. Until now!! They are perfect for these rice bags and such cute colors!

First I sewed the edges together, right sides in (like I could tell), making sure to leave an opening on one side. Then I trimmed the edges down. These are hand sewn but if you can machine them, great!

Next, I turned the whole thing inside out using a pencil to push out the corners.
So it looked like this:
Next, fill it up with rice!! A funnel is very helpful and you will have to move the tip of the funnel around to get the rice in all the corners.

Final step, sew closed!
Viola! Cute little rice bags perfect for applying jams!! Even sewing these by hand, they were super quick to make, took all of 20 minutes max.
What do you use your rice bags for?

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