Halloween Costume Storage

Halloween Costume Storage

My son loves to dress up as superheroes for Halloween. Every year he gets a new costume to wear, sometimes he ends up with two. We usually keep the costumes through the year for him and his cousins to play with. Who doesn’t love to play superheros?!

The problem comes, however, from not having a good place to store the costumes. They don’t really belong in a drawer or hung in the closet. They usually get tossed into a pile or the toy box where they can get torn. I found this awesome picture on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea!

My son’s room is pretty small, though, so finding enough wall space to do exactly that just wasn’t going to happen. I went ahead and made up a printable anyway with hopes that I would find a solution.


I used the font Bangers for the text and Sounds for the comic book sounds. After I had made the “Hero Up!” printable, I printed it out as two 5×7’s. Now I just had to figure out what to do with it.

My step-mom had the novel idea of giving my sister and I’s baby shower gifts in a storage cube from Dollar General. They are only about $4, come in many colors, and hold more than they look like they could. Since then I have acquired many of these types of cubes since they have so many uses.IMG_20160328_094808272

I found a storage cube and folded the costumes to fit. It would be nice to have a sort of pocket on the front but I made do with some ribbon instead. I know it really isn’t any comparison to the first Pinterest post, but I would still consider this a Pinterest win! And my son loves it!


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