Star Wars Girls’ Bedroom FREE Printable

Star Wars Girls’ Bedroom FREE Printable

Since the newest Star Wars movie was released on DVD, it’s been as popular as ever. My whole family loves Star Wars, especially my youngest sister who just got a tattoo of the Millennium Falcon.

Free Printable Star Wars Wall Art


Most of my friends and family have children now, with that comes the desire to pass the Star Wars obsessions on to the next generation. So I decided to make this four part printable set for my niece’s birthday in May. It was a hit! Everyone loved them so I decided to pass them on to you. Originally this set was made for a girl, but I have included a blue Millennium Falcon as well. You should be able to right click on the picture to “Save as…” but if you have any problems, please let me know.


force is strong pastel rainbow 8x10

Free Printable Star Wars Wall Art

Mind of a child 8x10

Yoda 8x10

Millennium falcon 8x10 pink


3 thoughts on “Star Wars Girls’ Bedroom FREE Printable

  1. Any chance I could get the font you used? I am using these for my nieces birthday, I am the only person in my 30 person family that has not seen the movies and I am the one doing the party and these are PERFECT!!!


    1. Hi! The font I used for the lettering was SF Distant Galaxy! The Millennium Falcon was from Famous Spaceships font, and Princess Leia was from Force Reentry font. Wish your niece a Happy Birthday from me! Also, I would love it if you would share pictures of the prints at your party on Instagram and tag me @diaryofanostalgicdreamer!


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