How To Print Directly To Your Planner Page

How To Print Directly To Your Planner Page

Last week I shared with you my very first Happy Planner spread. I used one of the many free printables you can find online, printed on regular printer paper, cut out and pasted by hand.


Then I came across I tutorial on how to print directly onto your Happy Planner page! Check it out HERE. I love this! I didn’t use everything I printed the first time. And sometimes you want more of one type of box than they put. So being able to do all the cutting and pasting on the computer was right up my alley. Unfortunately, the tutorial was a bit outdated and I had a hard time going through the Silhouette Studio software. So I’m going to show you a couple of updated steps that the first tutorial is out of date on.

Tried of printing free stickers only to use half of them? This tutorial on How To Print To Your Planner page is just what you're looking for!!

First, if you didn’t click on the original tutorial already, you’ll want to download the software. It is designed to be used with a Silhouette Camio, but the software is free and doesn’t actually require the cutter. I do recommend hopping over to Planner Squad for most of the tutorial, also they have a lot of good content! You will have to sign up for emails to access the free printables for this tutorial. If you don’t want to do this, you can check out Happy Planner Free Printables To Share on Facebook. Anyway, here is the link to download silhouette software. I chose the basic edition to get started.

Once you have the software installed and open, your page should look like this.

SS 1

You can adjust the size of your page on the right and there are a lot of useful tools at the top right. I’ll go over some of them later but if you hover over them, you can see what they all do.

Once you get your template open, if you are wanting to use Planner Squad watercolor elements, this is where the original tutorial is a little outdated. I looked forever for the option to import to library. Here’s where it is now:


You’ll be able to import the watercolor elements (one at a time) to Silhouette. Then they will be available to merge with your template. You can do this by opening the library (see image below), right clicking on an element, and selecting merge.


I ended up doing something a little bit different though. I found another printable that I wanted to use on one of the facebook pages. (I tried to find a way to link to this free printable but it doesn’t look like the owner has a site. Check out the facebook page above and search for “The Pink Fury Printables”.) This is where the trace tool comes in handy. Click on the trace tool (which looks like a blue butterfly with yellow outline) and it pulls up the trace toolbar. Click “Select Trace Area” and select an area to trace. Here I chose to trace the whole page. When you have the area selected, deselect High Pass Filter and increase the threshold to almost 100%. You’ll have to use your own judgement on this one because if you set it too high, you will just have a solid page instead of individual elements.


After you set the threshold it will look like this. Notice the yellow is only over the elements. Now select trace and detach. This step usually takes a little bit to process.


Now they are all detached and ready to copy into your planner template.


Once you paste the elements onto the template, you may notice they aren’t exactly the same size and overlap slightly. The measurements for the full boxes is W 1.5 H 2.25 and the header boxes are W 1.5 H .25 . Open the scale tool to adjust.


Another feature I love is Align. Use the align center option to make sure the header lines up perfectly with the boxes.


Now you have the freedom to use as many or as little elements from a printable as you choose. And when you really start getting into it, you can start making your own elements!

My finished second week.


At this point, I still hadn’t received my planner so I hung it up on the fridge. The Happy Planner’s don’t start until July anyway so I just printed it out on regular paper like the week before. I used elements from many different places as well as ones I created myself. Plus everything fits perfectly and I don’t have to cut everything out by hand.

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Natural Watercolor

I love taking pictures of nature. I take hundreds of pictures of the storms, sunsets, and rainbows, of different textures and scenes. I’m lucky to live next to a creek and within driving distance of a large lake. I know that I am not a professional photographer, all photos are taken with my cell phone which has a 21 megapixel camera on it, yet they turn out extremely satisfactory.

Some of my absolute favorite photos are ones I’ve taken of the water. I love how the sky can influence the picture and the depth of the water matters, too. I would like to share a few with you.

The first picture is from the creek next to my house. We fish there often and I love the way the trees reflect off the water. This is definitely the original watercolor.


The water was so calm this day it looked like a mirror.
The reflection of the sunset on the lake.
Very different texture of a salt water pool.


Trees reflecting off a shallow stream.

The textures of the different bodies of Water blow my mind a little bit. Most of the photos aren’t edited in way of lighting, I only cropped them to show Details. Isn’t nature wonderful?

What are you photographing?

My Planner Addiction Begins

My Planner Addiction Begins

A friend added me to a co-op group on Facebook for a Happy Planner buy. I have always loved planners but I haven’t gotten one for a while because I have my calendar in my phone. But you can’t always rely on technology can you? I’ve had my phone put events on the wrong days or, worse, the wrong year! The planners were half price so I decided to go ahead and buy one. Since it was a co-op buy, I had to wait for the buy to close, the hostess to place the order and the order to be shipped to the hostesses home before it even was shipped to me. While I was waiting, I checked out the Happy Planner community on Facebook. And I was BLOWN AWAY. There are so many amazing weekly layouts I hardly knew where to begin!

I ordered my planner the week before my youngest son’s second birthday. Since new planners start in July, and it was still June, I found a weekly layout template to print so I could start using it right away. I decided to create my first layout with a Sock Monkey theme since that was the theme of my son’s birthday party. This was a free printable I found on



This was my very first layout. Since I didn’t have my actual planner yet, I hung it on the fridge so it was easily accessible.

There are so many free printable layouts, it is hard to decide from one week to the next. Initially, I just printed out the file the way it was from the designer. It works fine except the boxes didn’t fit exactly right. My OCD cares way too much.

Here’s the printable I used for this week:


Find this printable HERE!

Then I found a tutorial on how to edit the free printables on the computer using Silhouette Studio. This software is design to be used with the Silhouette cutter, but the software itself is free and does not require the cutter to use. What a game changer!!! But more about that later!

Follow my blog for more Happy Planner layouts and maybe even a tutorial or two!