Natural Watercolor

I love taking pictures of nature. I take hundreds of pictures of the storms, sunsets, and rainbows, of different textures and scenes. I’m lucky to live next to a creek and within driving distance of a large lake. I know that I am not a professional photographer, all photos are taken with my cell phone which has a 21 megapixel camera on it, yet they turn out extremely satisfactory.

Some of my absolute favorite photos are ones I’ve taken of the water. I love how the sky can influence the picture and the depth of the water matters, too. I would like to share a few with you.

The first picture is from the creek next to my house. We fish there often and I love the way the trees reflect off the water. This is definitely the original watercolor.


The water was so calm this day it looked like a mirror.
The reflection of the sunset on the lake.
Very different texture of a salt water pool.


Trees reflecting off a shallow stream.

The textures of the different bodies of Water blow my mind a little bit. Most of the photos aren’t edited in way of lighting, I only cropped them to show Details. Isn’t nature wonderful?

What are you photographing?


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