October Weekly Layout

October Weekly Layout

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the printable‘s I left for you on Friday. A few weeks ago, my printer ran out of color ink so I’ve been working on a more functional layout rather than a colorful layout for myself. I’ve been tweaking it for a couple of weeks. I really like what I’ve done with it this October Weekly Layout.


I have my plan boxes on top with a time bar, water trackers, meal trackers, To Do lists, and finally Self-Growth boxes on the bottom. I also printed out the October Life List from Paper & Glam. I found these life lists when I first started using my Happy Planner and I absolutely love them. Oh they also have November’s up already too!! While these inserts are free, most of the other things from Paper & Glam are paid items.


The dates don’t normally print so faded, I was lucky to get this much color out of my printer. I actually had to color in October with my orange gel pen. I can’t wait until I can get back to my beautiful, colored layouts, but until then I’m enjoying the functionality of this layout. Just a few more tweaks and it will be perfect!



Do you enjoy functionality in your planner?


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