Thanksgiving Happy Planner Layout

Recently my printer quit on me. It doesn’t like to pull the pages through straight and will only pull one page through at a time. And then I ran out of ink. So I am currently decorating my planner without any printables. It’s rough. It actually put me into somewhat of a planner slump. To get out of it, I decided I would go ahead and keep making my layouts for each week so I can print them out when I get my printer situation figured out. What better time to start than with a Thanksgiving Week Layout for Happy Planner?? I’m going to call these my “wishful layouts”.

Thanksgiving Week Layout #beforethepen

I actually tried a few new things with this layout. Namely on Thanksgiving day. I’ve been thinking about doing holidays with this way for a while but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Otherwise, I’m pretty pleased with this layout.


I love the new fonts I downloaded this week. Thanksgiving is done in Pea Ellie Bellie and the dates and To Do labels are Fresh Marker.

I’ve also been doing a gratitude journal on Penzu using the book 100 Day of Gratefulness by Amy Blake (if you hurry it may still be free!) I need to get better at doing this but today’s prompt would be “What is a unique talent/skill you possess that you are grateful for?” Today, I am grateful my ability to create beautiful printables for my readers. I am also very grateful for the planner community as a whole. If you haven’t yet, join Happy Planner Free Printables to Share on Facebook. This group is wonderful and the free printables are mind-blowing!

Interested in using in your own planner?

Click the images below to download the PDF files.

These printables are made for Classic Happy Planner and are for personal use only.








What talent are you most grateful for?


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