Plan for the Worst + Feature Friday

Plan for the Worst + Feature Friday

Mother Earth is freaking out right now. Hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes. I live in Missouri and it has been relatively calm here so far but I’m watching the path of Irma and it’s aiming straight at us after it hits mainland. I think it turns into a tropical storm then and is supposed to decrease in intensity, but it’s still going to be a major storm system. We definitely need to be prepared for the possibility of tornadic weather and flooding once it reaches mainland. This would be a good time to practice drills. I would practice tornado drills, flood drills, and even fire drills. Never hurts to be prepared. (Another tornado resource is Red Cross)

I lived in Stockton, MO when an F3 tornado tore through the middle of the town. After, there were trees blocking the streets, making them impassable for emergency vehicles, and most of the power and phone service in the town was out. There can be an increased fire risk due to downed power lines. Flying debris is also a concern, stay away from windows or thin outside walls. A trailer house is NOT a safe place to stay during a tornado. Neither is a car or a ditch. Start preparing and get headed to cover as soon as a tornado watch is issued, by the time it upgrades to a warning, it’s usually too late if you have to travel to your shelter. Everyone should be dressed in appropriate clothing much prior to a watch being announced also need to have supplies prepared in a bugout bag. Be prepared to be standing in water. Basements and cellars can be prone to flooding. Usually it’s just a small amount, but it can make sitting uncomfortable and can possibly ruin the supplies you brought.

Bug Out Bag List

Long pants, jeans preferably
Sweater or waterproof jacket
Boots, preferably waterproof

Change of clothes for each family member
Weather radio to monitor the situation and be aware when it is safe to leave shelter
Candles & Lighter and/or Flashlight
Dried fruits and nuts for snacks, kids usually love them and they don’t take up a lot of room
Blankets or towels
Important documents, ss cards, birth certificates ect., cash (see below for information on how to put together a grab and go binder)
Activities: deck of cards, anything that can be used as a distraction. Panic can be very debilitating and everyone needs to try to stay calm and collected.
First aid equipment
Phone charger; even though you may not be able to use it right away, at least it will be safe
{Your necessities here}
Walkie-talkies are nice but definitely not a necessity

Bugging out with Pets

I’m no expert in having pets in this situation. Currently we have all outside pets but I would want to at least bring my dog, Sammy, to safety with us. I want to have a small amount of food, a bowl to put water in, and a leash.

Choosing your Shelter

It needs to be a place with a stable foundation and walls. Choose a room that doesn’t have any windows, usually a bathroom or a closet are the best places or any other interior room in the house. Of course this is only if you don’t have a basement, tornado shelter, or cellar. If you do not have an interior room or underground shelter, it’s necessary to plan to travel to an appropriate shelter. This could be a neighbor or family member’s house, or a city approved public location like the courthouse or a local church. It’s important to know where these places are in your city if for some reason you are out during the start of the storm.  (More information HERE)

The Aftermath
Trees being down will be one of the biggest issues after a storm. If possible, have a chainsaw ready and in easy (safe!) access to help clear roadways for emergency vehicles. Note where downed powerline are and stay away from any trees that may be touching them. Your family is number one priority though, take care of them before you try to help. It’s best to leave the more difficult rescues to emergency personnel, the last thing they need is for you to get hurt trying to help someone else. One of the most important things to remember during emergency situations is to stay calm. Do NOT panic; keep your head in order to be able to properly assess the situation. Use this guide to get prepared; it always helps in these situations where it feels like you have no control to plan for the worst and take actions to be ready.

Now for the less serious portion of today’s posts, the freebie round-up!!

Feature Friday

Feature Friday!!

Happy Mail Stickers from Pink Pixel Graphics
Pumpkin Spice Freebie from My Life Planners
Sick Day Icons from My Planner Envy
Autumn Feels Printable from Victoria Thatcher
Bananas for Bananas Printable from Stingy Thrifty Broke
Freebie Friday: Fall 2017 Theme from Interrobang Designs
Shine Bright from Her Name is Savvy
Free Planner Printable: Pastel Fall Leaves from Organized Potato

Please make sure to respect the individual copyright on each free printable.

If you want more information on preparedness, I found this very informative website Simple Family Preparedness Click the link to be taken to an article on how to prepare 72 hour kits for different situations. A lot of good information there, hopefully you will be able to prepare yourself sufficiently for anything! You can also get printables for a binder for important paperwork here Grab and Go Binder (email sign up required)

And be safe, prepared, and always stay calm!

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